The Pioneer Network National Convention

Science for Seniors has been very busy this year, presenting at nine local, state and national conventions! Our most recent presentation was in August at The Pioneer Network 2012 National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida. This organization is leading the way for culture change in retirement, long term care and adult day care facilities.

At the conference, using materials that cost less than $20 per experiment, Gloria demonstrated programs in earth science, space travel, biology, and chemistry.

Gloria also showed members how adding a science program to their monthly calendar can truly engage residents in discussions of current events, such as a space program tied to the landing of the newest Mars rover. Such discussions can also help with the recall of memories: Gloria told of a resident with dementia who, during a program on global warming, remembered her trip to the South Pole. She, a woman who seldom speaks, mentioned that she had been to Antarctica, a fact that was subsequently verifed by her children.

In September, Gloria will present Science for Seniors to the Maryland Activity Professionals Convention. We will update you then!

Discovery Is Empowering

Science for Seniors brings science programs to residents of independent, long term care, assisted living and personal care, dementia and adult day center communities. Our hour-long programs are designed to intrigue, challenge and inspire. We are serious about science, but we believe in presenting it in a way that reminds us of the beauty of the natural world, and the fun of discovery. And we believe that sharing these discoveries brings us closer together.