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science for seniors workshops

“Gloria is an amazing speaker. She knows her material well and is able to convey valuable information to her audience while showing them the fun side of science. I believe Science for Seniors is an exceptional program, cost-effective to do with the senior population in a facility and entertains residents while teaching them scientific facts.”


Carla Fahrni, LPN, ADPC, Post RAP Board of Trustees


for CTRs& activity pRofessionals

Host a Science for Seniors workshop for 20 or more activity or CTRS professionals!


How do you get started? In Southeastern PA, NJ and DE provide a meeting room, and 20 attendees and you will attend the session for FREE and receive a FREE copy of my book, Science for Seniors, along with the NCCAP approved CEUs.

I am also available for workshops, conferences and conventions outside the Greater Philadelphia area on many topics including: science, travel, memory care, music and charity projects for residents. Please contact me for the details. Coming soon – courses and credits will be available via webcam. 


Can't attend a class in person? Gloria has NCCAP approved CEU classes in science, memory care, travel, music and more at raronline.orContact us today to learn more. 

workshops & keynotes


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Science for Seniors

With Science for Seniors you'll learn the research behind how science will benefit your residents and all attendees learn hands-on ready to use science programs.

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Going Places Armchair Adventures and Activities

Make your travel events more than video and food with trivia, history and games from around the world.

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Music and Memories

Learn how your brain remembers music and take away ways to bring even reluctant musicians into the fun with activities from drumming to bell ringing and conducting to passing the hat.

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Math Games

A Japanese study found that people with dementia who did 30 minutes of math three times a week ALL improved their ADLs at some level. Learn how to do fun math games with residents such as The Chocolate Game, the Dice Game and more! 

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Brain Health

How does reading strengthen your brain and why is bingo bad for a senior brain? Newest research and how using it will serve your residents.

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Sensory Science Activities for People with Dementia 

Learn how to use kinetic sand, rhythmic music, one bag recipes, color projects and more to engage residents’ senses.

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The Purpose Project

Everyone at every age needs to feel needed and science research has proven residents engaged in charity have less depression and better social skills. This program will demonstrate how to involve residents at all physical and cognitive skills levels in rewarding activities. 

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Power of the Press

Learn from an experienced journalist how to sell a story, how to write a press release and how to be prepared for bad press.

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