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  • Gloria Hoffner

Growing Seeds for Spring

Spring is less than a month away! Get ready with this fun plant program. Everyone knows when you have a problem, you make lemons into lemonade. Did you also know you can turn lemon seeds into new lemon plants? Experiment: Grow a lemon. Materials: lemon seeds, white paper towels, clean empty wide mouth jar and cotton balls. Process: Place the seeds in water over night so the outside layer will soften. Line the jar with a white paper towel (**Please note - always buy white only paper towels.The dye in colored paper towels and all disposable paper products harms the environment.) Place several cotton balls in a mound in the center of the jar. Place the seeds in the side of the jar between the cotton and the paper towel. Add an inch of water to the bottom of the jar and place in a warm dark closet. Check on the jar and refill as needed to keep the inch of water in the jar.

Results: In about a week to 10 days you will see the lemon seeds begin to sprout. This is why. Seeds feel hard and dry but that is just their dormant state. Inside every seed is an embryo which will grow into a new planet provided they have water and warm air. The paper towels and cotton allow the seeds to accept water without becoming water logged and unable to grow. After the seeds sprout, remove them and place in soil in a sunny window where they will continue to grow.

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