• Gloria Hoffner

Cool sip of lemonade

Summer is still 10 days away, but it's never too early for a nice cold drink on a hot day! This experiment will explain how to make orange or lemon soda at home! Materials: A lemon or an orange, two large ice tea glasses, water, baking soda, and sugar. Process: Squeeze the juice from the lemon and orange into separate glasses. Add an amount of water to each glass equal to the amount of fruit juice. Add a teaspoon of water and a teaspoon of sugar. Stir.

Result: The orange or lemonade drink you made will taste like soda because the bubbles are formed by the combination of carbon dioxide and the acid in lemon and/or orange juice forming a gas. Soda manufacturers create this bubble reaction by adding baking soda to water under pressure and then adding a flavored sweetener



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