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  • Gloria Hoffner

Bubble Gum and Soda Fun

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

FREE Science for Seniors activity - "Tiny bubbles...." I'm sure your residents can sing the rest of this very popular song from the 1950s - an know the name of the band leader who used a bubble machine to win his first big change to play for a New York club!! How do bubbles appear in soda? Try these fun bubble experiments. Materials: Half filled 2 liter soda bottle. Remove any label so you can clearly see the soda. Process: Shake the bottle. Remove the cap and watch what happens. Result: When you remove the cap you allow more space in the bottle and the number of bubbles expand.

Experiment #2 - Why chewing gum bubbles make noise.

Materials: Bubble gum.

Process: Chew the gum until soft, flatten with your tongue and make a bubble. Now close your mouth on the bubble.

Result: When the bubble forms it creates pockets of air. Closing your mouth breaks the bubble, forces out the air and results in the popping noise.

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