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  • Gloria Hoffner

Seed Bomb Blooms for Earth Day

Science for Seniors FREE Tuesday activity - plan now for April's Earth Day by making seed bombs! I'll be speaking on this and many more ideas at the NJAPA Convention this Friday in my session The Purpose Project! Seed Bombs are rolled seed and potting soil mix used after WWII in Europe to help the nation's bloom again after the devastation of the war. They can be used in any open ground area. Materials: Natural kitty litter, wildflower seeds, potting soil, bowl, spoon and water. Process: Mix 3 cups kitty litter, two cups potting soil and one cup seeds together in a bowl and add water until the mix has the feel of peanut butter. Roll into small golf ball size seed bombs. Let dry overnight. Give to residents, families, visiting children etc. to toss into vacant lots and anywhere that benefits from flowers.

Results: Planting wildflowers benefits bees and other insects under attack due to paving over open land, pesticides and lack of growing space. Pollination by insects is critical to raising crops. Albert Einstein said if all the bees were gone, humans would be gone in less than seven years due to the inability of crop pollination.

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