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  • Gloria Hoffner

Nailing the Strongman Science

***I'm at the Iowa Health Care Association today presenting Science for Seniors session and a Music and Memories session. On Thursday I'll be at the Massachusetts Council of Activity Professionals Convention speaking on Purpose Project, Brain Boosting Games and Sensory programs for people with dementia. This post is a week early due to my traveling and limited computer access.

Materials: Twenty straight pins, 5 x 6 inch cardboard, a heavy book and a balloon.

Process: Stick the straight pins through the cardboard with the sharp edge up to form a 'bed of nails'. Blow up and tie off the balloon. Place the balloon on sharp edge of the pins and then place the book on top of the balloon.

Result: The balloon did not pop. This is because the weight and force of the book was spread over the pins and thus did not have enough pressure at any one point to break the balloon.

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