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  • Gloria Hoffner

Fire from Ice

Fire from Ice. As the arctic cold blast hits most of the U.S. today here is a way to make fire from ice anywhere.

Materials: Water, plastic bowl, freezer, matchsticks, black construction paper, sunlight, cooking pot, stove and one inch diameter plastic soda bottle lid.

Process: Boil three cups of water for 12 minutes. Remove the water from the stove, cool and pour into the bowl. Place the bowl in the freezer.

Place four matchsticks in a tipi shape with lite ends up inside the plastic lid. Place on top of the black paper.

Remove the frozen water from the bowl. Hold the frozen water disc over the matchsticks so that sunlight is concentrated on the center of the frozen water.

Result: Boiling the water removes air and allows the ice to freeze clear. Black paper absorbs heat. When you place the ice between the sunlight and the matches, the ice concentrates the sunlight on the matches just like a magnifying glass and the resulting concentrated heat ignites the matches.

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