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  • Gloria Hoffner

Easter Egg Mystery Solved

Science for Seniors - FREE - Tuesday activity - Get ready for Easter!! The Easter egg symbolizes the tomb Jesus was buried in and the dye symbolizes the blood of Jesus. The egg cracking also has symbolization of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.The "egg cracking" also known as the resurrection, symbolizes the actual holiday of Easter. Now you know the reason behind the tradition, here is a fun experiment to do with eggs! Materials: 2 eggs - one hard boiled and a table Process: Spin both eggs and observe. Result: One will wobble and one will spin. Why?

The spinning egg is the hard boiled egg. It will stop completely when halted by your hand. The raw egg will move again as you try to stop it. This happens because of inertia. The liquid yolks and whites in the raw egg revolve slowly due to inertia, thus it is harder to stop their motion. The solid hard boiled eggs are less impacted by inertia and stop faster.

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