Spooky Fun Ideas for Halloween

This is the month of ghosts, goblins, bats and things that go bump in the night. Spice up your costume party and neighborhood children’s Halloween parade at your facility with some fun trivia and science facts about the holiday!
Spiders –
1) Why is it bad luck to step on a spider on Halloween? Answer – during the Middle Ages in Europe the people believed a spider was the home to the spirit of a departed loved one on just that special night.
2) Science fun – Spiders are among the most interesting of insects. Written about in literature as friends and foes, the spider’s ability to weave a web captures our imagination. Here are the facts: on average a spider can spin a web in 30 to 60 minutes and the tensile strength, the longitudinal stress a substance can stand without tearing apart, is five times stronger than its equivalent weight in steel.
3) Experiment – Why doesn’t a spider stick to her/his own web? Supplies: masking or duct tape, cooking oil and a volunteer finger. Process: have the resident place a finger on the sticky side of the tape. This represents how the web feels to the fly or other insect stuck in the web. Now have the resident dip a finger into the oil and then place the oily finger on the tape. It will not stick. The reason – spiders emit an oil on the pads of their feet to keep from sticking to their own webs.