You know by now that “Science for Seniors” is an invaluable asset for activity professionals, recreation specialists and activity directors. In case you haven’t yet gotten your copy:


Science for Seniors



The material included in the book represents over a year of research, and includes more than 50 easy-to-create experiments, with step by step instructions. Activity Professionals, Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists, and Activity Directors have been unanimous in their acclaim for the book, available for purchase through, and through this site.

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In addition, we have completed two new workbooks!

More Science for Seniors:

107 pages of additional science-related projects for holidays, including ‘How to Create The Blob and The Thing for Halloween,’ food-themed explorations such as ‘How Much Air in Marshmallow’ and more on space, animals and earth science. $22 including postage.

brain boosting games:

32 pages of new games proven to strength brains of all ages such as The Chocolate Game, The Dice Game and brain teasers to include in monthly activity calendars. $12 including postage.

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