People are Talking…


…About the Program:

applause_experiment“Gloria has inspired me to expand my activity calendar to include Science for Seniors programs. During our upcoming Hawaiian week theme I will use her program on volcanoes to build a model volcano with residents.
Science is universal and a great way to connect residents from diverse backgrounds and cultures.”

–Cyndi Perez Gough, Activities Professional





…About the Book:

We are very proud of the response we have had to the release of our book, Science for Seniors” and we’d like to share some of our readers’ thoughts with you:

Science for Seniors ” is a comprehensive guide for developing interesting and educational science programs. The new wave of residents, including the baby boomer generation, will be looking for new opportunities to continue growing intellectually. This book, which includes everything you need to know to develop a diverse science program, is a helpful resource for the activity professional and recreational therapist.”

–Debbie Hommel, ACC/MC/EDU, CTRS
Executive Director of DH Special Services,
Instructor of the Modular Education Program for Activity Professionals

Science for Seniors is a fun, engaging and educational book. The directions are easy to follow and presented in an organized fashion. Gloria’s book gives a very clear, concise formula by which anyone can lead a science experiment. I highly recommend it.”

–Laura A. Friis, BS, ADC, AP-BC
Program Chairperson, Massachusetts Council of Activity Professionals

“This book gives readers a treasury of proven practical ideas for helping senior citizens live happier and fuller lives. It is a storehouse of plans for professional directors of nursing homes, community programs, and senior citizen organizations. Her vast knowledge of the field and her hands-on experience shows on every page.”

–Nancy Newman
Activity Director at Sterling Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, Media, Pa.